Some kind of containers
Translated by B.R. Valerdy
Spanish Depot Service, 13/12/2004

image - Closed (“box”). It is the most used. It has got doors in the back side, it is loaded through these doors using trolleys.

image - “Open side”. It used when it is difficult to handle the load through the back door due to its length. “Open side” containers are used to make the operation easier.

image - “Open top” container. When the load’s volume makes difficult the handling through the doors or sides, “open top” containers are used in order to be loaded by cranes.

image - “Flat” containers. When, due to its geometrical shapes, the load does not fit into none of the other containers, “flat” containers are used. They consist on platforms with partitions on the sides.

image - “Tank” container. It consist on a tank tight by a support structure equipped with the necessary accessories (corner cantonments, etc.) in order to be tied up with the vehicles support surface mooring charges.

- Isothermal container. It is built with insulating materials which reduce the hot passing between the inside and the outside.

image - “Reefer” container. Isothermal container that, with a cold production device, can reduce and keep the temperature.

- “Calorific” container. Isothermal container which, with a heating system, allows rise and keep the temperature.

- “Controlled temperature” container. It is one of the previous containers, which besides, has got wet and temperature control and record systems.

- "Folding” container: its elements can be folded for the empty transport.

image - “Bulk” container. It is used for loads in bulks, with opening at the ceiling, in order to be loaded through tolvas, and folding door to empty it with a dumper.