ISO 14001 Certificate
Obtaining the ISO 14001 certificate is a recognition and proof of the policy that Spanish Depot service, S.A. has been following from the beginning. It is based on the construction and development of installations that will cause the minimum impact on the environment and its surroundings.

The administrative environmental system is a process of cyclical planning, implementation, revision and improvement of the procedures and actions that a company carries out in their activities. Our organization has taken on this task, and has worked on each and every one of these points:

-We have worked out a plan of objectives to follow, identifying and evaluating the most significant environmental aspects of our activities and their impact.

-We have given our employees the formation and necessary infrastructures for the storage and handling of residues that are generated in their daily activity in such a way, that every person in the organization has a clear description of their responsibilities and duties with respect to the environment.

-We have implanted the necessary operational control, for a continuous follow up of the results, and on the basis of this to implant the necessary changes to improve the system.

The objective for the implantation of the security norms set by our companies, can be demonstrated by facts. Following the directives of the integral plan for residues set by the community of Valencia, we have developed a policy to minimize the residues, with the objective to reduce in four years the percentage of residues in our activities.

For example, we foresee the reduction of the amount of contaminating metal and plastic packaging by 15%, and the material of absorbing impregnating greases, oils and gas oil by 4%.

To reach this goal, we have imposed a method to economize on the consumption with the purchase orders. This is being done with informative discussions on the proper use of products with the employees, measures to save on energy and natural resources, and the proper maintenance of the handling equipment and repair of containers to avoid possible leaks or spillage of oils or liquid fuels.

At present, we have implemented a continuous follow - up of the quantities of residues generated, as well as the cost of same, in order to verify, if at the end of the year the environmental objectives, have been complied with.

97% of the residues generated during the year 2003 were caused in the cleaning of containers, and that has created a cost of 14.000 euros. These figures do not include residues of dangerous goods, as containers containing dangerous goods are deviated to companies that are authorized by the administration to handle, and have the necessary facilities, for the destruction of dangerous goods.

As relevant data, in our province, and always referring to our own statistics, each container handled represents an average of 8 kilos of residues of cargo remains. On the other hand, the amount of residues that are handled by our counterparts in Europe, are significantly inferior, approximately 1 kg.

One therefore has to reflect, whether the products transported to our province, generate more residues or whether the receiver of the goods in Rotterdam, Hamburg, Antwerp, or Le Havre have better means of treating residues.

The presentation of the ISO 14001 that we are celebrating today, opens up a new era, and demands extra efforts. With a view to the rules EMAS, Spanish Depot Service  have made a commitment to adhere to strict audits imposed by the European Union. It has been a well thought out, and voluntary decision, which puts us on a level as demanded by Europe, and within the strategic development plan of the port of Valencia