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SDS with the Flagship project.
Valenciaport foundation, China Shipping, Spanish Depot Service and TransBase Soler participate en Flagship project.
Article published in “Diario del Puerto” on the 12th of February 2007.
Juan Reig, 12/02/2007

Last Friday started in Valencia The European Flagship Project (European Framework for safe, efficient and ecological shipping operations).

This project, financed by the VI Framework Program of the European Commission, has as its general purpose in the improvement of safety, continuity and competitivity of maritime transport in Europe by means of a set of subprojects oriented to obtain safe, efficient and ecological operations onboard vessels.

ValenciaPort Foundation is cooperating in B.6 project, which deals with planning and handling of cargoes, leading a team participated by China Shipping (Spain) Agency, S.L., Spanish Depot Service, S.A. and TransBase Soler, S.L. with the common aim of optimizing the empty container logistics in the Port of Valencia.