Transport Sercurity
In Spanish Depot Service S.A. we are fully aware that the road to excellence is never the shortest one. Working to obtain the ideal model of sustainable development, implies right from the start that all the benefits one does obtain, are not going to be economical, neither will they reflect positively on the balance sheet. However, they will be a factor for influence and make a difference, which in the future will be an influential added value and will, in turn, ultimately be a requirement.

To reach our goals, the client satisfaction remains vital. Our installations are improving from day to day in terms of operations, security, and quality of service. But for Spanish Depot Service, S.A. there are two additional outstanding clients we feel are of the utmost importance, these being the environment and society in general.

From the moment that the port of Valencia initiated its unstoppable development, joint efforts had to be made to look for solutions, which contribute to an active economic growth, without affecting the interests of the city. One of the sectors in the port community that has more to say in that respect are the container depots, and Spanish Depot Service, S.A. have decided to address this issue themselves.

Today we are the pioneers in changing the traditional image of the container depots. When a container arrives at our installations, its condition is inspected and checked, the structure is revised with great detail, and its vital points are inspected, as well as missing or broken components. Qualified mechanical engineers with experience do all this in all types of containers evaluate and rectify risks that may exist.

There should be no doubt that we comply with these parameters, security norms, and respect for the surroundings, because for us, it is the logical thing to do and our motto is "Do things right". All that remains is, that our words and facts are recognized by the administration.

After obtaining the ISO 14001, and the way now being open for accreditation of EMAS, we are today planning a new challenge. We have started a program to be the first companies to become entities collaborating with the administration. This way we commit ourselves to upholding the strictest inspections of our activities, through the competent classification societies.

The same as cars, containers should be submitted to a periodic inspection in a similar span of time, however whilst the technical inspections of cars are entities collaborating with the administration, until now, this has not occurred with the container depots.

We are convinced that the time has come. Our goal is compatible with our work, in accordance with the performance one expects of a container, and above all, guarantees the compliance with the norms of the International Agreement of Security that Spain signed in 1974, and which fundamental base is the protection of people.

"A form of sustainable development which meets the needs of the present without comprising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs"

(Brundtland Report)